Minot Area Chamber of Commerce
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About Us
Chair's Message

1L1A0004.jpgAs a cooperative group of businesses, we come together for the benefit of one another. Your continuous support of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce enables us to continue to promote all of the businesses in this great community. I truly thank each of you!

It’s no secret we’re experiencing some very difficult times for some businesses. We’ve witnessed the closing of several businesses over the past year. We embrace the good times as well as the struggles we face during bad times.

I think it’s appropriate for us to pause so we can think outside the box for other opportunities while at the same time continuing what has been successful for us. We’ll strengthen our bonds with current partners and seek other relationships to promote our community.

Encourage and support one another. If you know of a business that is not a member, share the benefits of being a member with them or you may have a staff member contact them.

We have a small staff dedicated to seeing the success of each of your businesses. Their tireless efforts do not go unnoticed. What they do behind the scenes is truly remarkable. I thank each one of them for what they do every day.

I look forward to being your chair for the next year. It is an honor and privilege, and I welcome any challenges that lie ahead. I appreciate your support and confidence as we look to a brighter future together.

Doug Hollingsworth, Chair
Minot Area Chamber of Commerce

701.852.6000 1020 20th Ave Sw, Minot, ND 58701
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